Cabins 1, 2, & 3 Directions

From the West side of Mount Ida on Hwy 270 take Hwy 27 North for a half mile.
Turn left on High Shoals Rd. which is across from the sign that says
"River Bluff and Fulton Branch recreation areas."
Go North on High Shoals Rd. (County Road 59) for 6.5 miles.
Go slow when you see the "one lane bridge" sign
Stay on High Shoals Rd. going North;
Along the way you will pass Job Corp. Rd.
Fulton Branch Rd., River Bluff Rd., Piney Cemetary Rd., and Viking Lodge Rd.

Below is a map of the Womble Trail. County Road 59 is High Shoals Rd.
If you are travelling from the North on Hwy 27 or Hwy 270, you can take County Road 37
to get to County Road 59.

Here is the PDF of Womble Trail